The HR World: This Much I Know.

Fifteen Studio

26 November 2018

The HR World speaks to industry leaders about their careers and life – what advice would they pass on and what wisdom brought them to where they are now.

“You’re better off not asking people’s opinion at all if you’re not going to take it seriously”

1. Good training can change your life.
I did a degree in law which wasn’t for me and ended up in business starting with a job in Matalan – and being in the right place at the right time meant I became general manager of a store at the age of 22. After winging it for a year I realised I needed to get some training and found an incredible programme at Tesco which was fantastic, giving a very good grounding in core disciplines. Again, I was lucky in being in this position at a really exciting time for the company. They were integrating William Low into their business, so I was sent to work in Scotland with the young dynamic team who were driving the change…To continue reading the article click here

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